2008-2009 Venture Research Projects

The Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC) is now inviting applications for its 2008-2009 Venture Research Projects. The awards provide a maximum of $75,000 (direct costs) per year and the project may not exceed two years duration.


Venture Research Projects (pilot) research may include preliminary activities on biomedical research topics in keeping with a Center's mission and are typically developmental or high risk. Pilot research is frequently used to generate preliminary data or results necessary to apply for support from normal sources of funding. Initial animal model identification, characterization and development that may follow a case work-up of a spontaneously occurring disease, an evaluation of improved husbandry or animal management procedures, or more detailed explanation of serendipitous laboratory findings are several examples of possible pilot research projects. Projects dealing with informatics or data modeling are also encouraged. Investigators at early phases of their careers are especially encouraged to apply.


  • The applications will be reviewed internally by the WNPRC Executive Committee and Senior Management Team for scientific merit and feasibility, respectively. They will also be reviewed by members of the WNPRC External Advisory Board and other non-WNPRC experts as needed.
  • WNPRC core scientists shall be integrally involved in planning, management, conducting the project and reporting results, as either lead scientist or collaborating investigator with qualified external scientists.
  • Funds may be used for personnel not already supported by the base grant, supplies including animals and animal care costs, equipment under $5,000 (or over this amount with permission), and consultants and other expenses, such as surgery, pathology, assays or clinical services for the approved project only.
  • These funds are not to be used for interim support of established projects.
  • In general, major activities related to the approved project should be conducted on site at the WNPRC.
  • Written annual progress reports will be required.


The application should be prepared according to an abbreviated NIH R01-type format, i.e., Specific Aims, Background and Significance, Preliminary Data (if applicable) Research Design and Methods, Budget (with narrative justification) and Biosketch. In addition to the budget and biosketch, the text should not exceed five pages in length. (See NIH Forms and Applications for additional guidance regarding content.)