Primate Center Services

Information Technology and Systems Services

Contact Information

  • Phone: 263-3509

Services Supported

  • Colony Records Database Administration
  • Network administration - Network security, Network configuration
  • Desktop Services - installation, backup, troubleshooting, application consultation
  • Imaging Services - slide presentations, electronic presentations, scanning, and publications
  • Custom Programming and Web applications for data storage and retrieval
  • Systems analysis
  • Computer hardware consultation and recommendations

Key Personnel

Tom Lynch Senior Information Processing Consultant (608) 263-3509
Robert Becker Senior Technical Consultant (608) 265-9207
Jayne Vanderwerker Senior Information Processing Consultant (608) 261-1498
Cheryl Busuttil IS Network Support Technician-Intermediate (608) 263-8953

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request a primate center email account?
    Fill out a form at
  • How do I request colony records access?
    Indicate it on the fill in form for a new account. Send the employee to Les Sander for training.
  • How do I edit my "Services" Page?
    Contact Jayne
  • What is my primate center network ID?
    Your network ID is the same as your primate center email account.
  • How do I change my network ID password?
    Browse to
  • I don't remember receiving a network ID password, what is it?
    An initial password is set that must be changed by you. If you don't know what the password is, ask an IT staff member for assistance.
  • Where do I find out more about IT at the primate center?
    Browse to the IT help Wiki at
  • What is a "wiki"
    Browse to it and find out more (see above or below for link)
  • What are "collaboration services" and how do I use them?
    Browse to the IT help Wiki and type "collaboration" in the search window.
  • What are the ITSS hours?
    Browse to the IT Help wiki and type "hours" in the search box.

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