Primate Center Services

Behavioral Management Unit

The Behavioral Management Unit of the WNPRC promotes and enhances psychological well being for the entire nhp colony while ensuring that the animals are free from unnecessary pain and distress. By utilizing a combination of environmental enrichment, behavior modification, and positive reinforcement, the program promotes a diverse array of species typical behaviors in the captive nhps, increases each animal's control and utilization of their environment, decreases the occurrence of stereotypical and self-injurious behavior (SIB), and increases each animal's ability to cope with stress by decreasing their inactivity and boredom. The personnel of the unit have fashioned a thorough and creative Environmental Enrichment Plan to help achieve the objectives of the Behavioral Management Program. This plan is broken down into the services listed below.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (608) 890-0223

Services Supported

  • Social companionship
  • Foraging
  • Food enrichment
  • Human to non-human interaction
  • Structural enrichment
  • Manipulanda
  • Additional sensory stimulation

Key Personnel

Dr. Peter Pierre Behavior Management - Unit Head (608) 890-2051
Jennifer Sullivan Behavioral Management Coordinator (608) 890-0349
Michele Rosga Enrichment Technician (608) 890-0349

Entry created: 2005-01-25
Entry last reviewed: 2013-11-19