Other Internet Resources for Primate Research and Information

The use of primates and other animals in biomedical research:

General primate information

Primate Info Net
The Wisconsin Primate Research Center maintains the most thorough site on the Web for information about primates and primates in research. The site includes information about primate conservation, primates as pets, primates in zoos, animal welfare legislation and much more.

AskPrimate is an email-based reference service for questions dealing with primates, primate organizations, or individuals in primatology.

Primate Center Library Audiovisual Archive
The Wisconsin Primate Research Center Library's audio-visual collection was created in keeping with the need to preserve the visual record and vocal repertoire of nonhuman primate species. The collection consists of slides, slide sets, videotapes, audiotapes, and films that deal primarily with primatology, conservation, anthropology, and animal welfare.