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Strategic Areas of Research

Global Infectious Disease (GID): Transmission and pathogenesis of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), influenza, Dengue, viral escape, vaccine development, MHC-defined animals, influenza, and identification of new viruses with zoonotic and/or pandemic potential.

Regenerative and Reproductive Medicine (RRM): Embryonic/pluripotent stem cell biology including cellular therapies for hematologic, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases, organ transplant tolerance, stem cell-based therapies for AIDS; assisted reproductive technologies (ART) for NHP transgenesis, maternal-fetal health including pregnancy loss and poor outcomes, intrauterine environment in metabolic and reproductive epigenetic programming, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Energy Metabolism and Chronic Disease (EMCD): Chronic disease and aging research, with an emphasis on the genetic, cellular, and whole animal effects of caloric restriction (CR), as well as excess caloric intake resulting in obesity and metabolic syndrome; diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and new studies on post menopausal hormone changes and metabolic disease risks.

Neuroscience: Preclinical Parkinson’s disease research, translational studies of glaucoma, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression, and basic studies of central nervous system mechanisms controlling fertility, puberty, menopause, and body weight, and neuroendocrine regulation of reproductive and social behaviors.

Scientific Journal Articles

Most references from core WNPRC staff and affiliates are listed here by month, and alphabetically by author. If you are looking for a particular article and do not see it listed here, please visit the National Library of Medicine's searchable PubMed database or search Primate Lit. If you are a researcher who has used Primate Center resources and would like to see your publication(s) included on this list, please contact the .

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Opportunities to Learn and Train at the Primate Center

WNPRC Preclinical Parkinson's Research Program

UW-Madison Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center

UW-Madison Clinical and Translational Science Award (New initiatives studying endometriosis, pregnancy, bone mineral balance, bird flu/influenza pathogenesis and immunity.)

Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research

WNPRC Bioinformatics and Data Sharing

Please contact the for more information on our Center's role in these initiatives.

Research Perspectives

Center research has contributed to understanding and treating diseases and disorders since the Primate Center opened its doors on April 27, 1964 (UW Madison Historical Collections on Primate Center). For a history of major research contributions please see Primate Center Discoveries. See also Primates in Biomedical Research and Animals in Research and Teaching at UW-Madison.

For the latest advances in clinical trials and therapies, please talk to your doctor. You can also contact a patient advocacy group or visit NIH clinical trials website.