Announcing the release of the Internet Primate Aging Database


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The National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center are proud to announce the release of the Internet Primate Aging Database (iPAD) a new tool for researchers interested in studying biomarkers of aging in nonhuman primates.

iPAD provides an invaluable resource for veterinarians, primate researchers, and the general public and has already resulted in several papers published in peer-reviewed journals. With more than 500,000 data points from 17 different species at 11 research facilities, registered iPAD users can view normative values of blood chemistry, hematology, and other biomarkers of aging such as body weight. Data points are from routine screening of healthy animals at regular intervals over their lifetimes. In addition to being able to view means and standard deviations, users can access individual data points to statistically and graphically examine at the species-, biomarker-, or site-specific level for their particular research needs and are able to export and manipulate data at will.

Visit and request a login.

While data is continually being added for the sites and species already in the database, the usefulness of iPAD increases as more data is contributed. We are currently widening the number of species and measurements included and increasing the number of data points for existing species in iPAD. Researchers interested in becoming a part of this collaborative effort and contributing data from non-experimental, healthy primates are encouraged to contact the System Administrator, Wendy Newton ( for more information. (WNPRC release date: Aug. 17, 2005.)

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