Thomas Friedrich

Assistant Professor


Thomas Friedrich Pathobiological Sciences (School of Veterinary Medicine)
WNPRC Virology Services Unit

Contact Information:

  • (608) 265-3381

Curriculum Vitae:

Thomas Friedrich's Curriculum Vitae

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Aligned research focus:

Infectious disease

Organ system/disease focus:

HIV/AIDS, influenza

Research description:

Why do we get sick? This simple question underpins all research in my laboratory. Our overarching goal is to understand why immune responses sometimes fail to protect us from acute and chronic viral diseases. We study innate and adaptive immune responses to acute and chronic viral infections and the mechanisms viruses have evolved to subvert them. Through our discoveries, we hope to contribute to the global campaigns against pandemic influenza and AIDS.

Our work focuses on immune responses to viral infection in nonhuman primates. Because monkeys' physiology, genetics and immune systems so closely resemble our own, they provide the best possible approximation of human infections.

Selected references:

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