Ricki Colman

Senior Scientist


Ricki Colman Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

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Ricki Colman's Curriculum Vitae

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Metabolic syndrome

Research description:

Our research focuses on energy regulation and the impact of caloric restriction on aging in nonhuman primates. Caloric restriction, undernutrition without malnutrition, offers a powerful experimental strategy to explore mechanisms of aging because it is the only intervention that has repeatedly and strongly influenced maximum lifespan and retarded the rate of aging in laboratory rodents. While the beneficial effects of caloric restriction in rodents are well documented, the long-term effects of caloric restriction in primates are still under investigation. Our lab at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center runs one of only two ongoing, long-term studies of the effects of moderate caloric restriction on aging in rhesus monkeys.

Selected references:

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Duncan AE, Kramer PA, Colman RJ. A longitudinal study of radiographic spinal osteoarthritis in a macaque model. J. Orthop. Res. In press.