Assay Services Request Form

Instructions for Sending Samples

Before sending samples, ensure all of the Request Service steps are completed.

Sending samples:

  1. Include a printout of the submitted Service Request Form with samples.
  2. Email a spreadsheet file containing sample code information. See example for layout of spreadsheet.
  3. Send your samples to us by courier for receipt Monday through Friday, 8AM-4PM only. The temperature of the samples for shipping should be confirmed with Assay Services staff. Send samples to:

Cody Corbett
National Primate Research Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assay Services Unit
1223 Capitol Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53715-1299

  1. The labeling on your sample vials should match the sample ID list and be in the same order. A sorting fee of $75.20/hour will be added on for unsorted samples.
  2. After the assay is complete, we will enter the sample results in a separate column next to the codes in your original spreadsheet and email it back to you.
  3. After your assays are completed, you will be billed at the end of the month.

Please fill out the following form and then select the "Submit" button.

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